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Some people prefer the privacy and focused attention of one-on-
one sessions. If you would like to set up such a meeting, it can
arranged at your convenience, day or evening.

We can work in person, via telephone or
via video conference (i.e. Skype)

Please email me with your phone number
and the best time to call you,
and I will get back to you very quickly.

Here's what some of Adrienne's private
clients are saying:

"Adrienne is a great sounding board. She asks the hard questions
and is right on target with her analysis. She points out things I
never would have thought of, myself. She's made me understand
my relationships and my own behavior in a whole new light. I
began talking to Adrienne during and after a painful breakup. After
working with her for many months, we both felt I had made a lot of
progress. She predicted my next relationship would be 'The One.'
Sure enough, within a couple of months, I met someone wonderful.
We recently moved in together and have been seriously talking about
marriage. Adrienne really helped put me in the right frame of mind
for a healthy relationship and gave me the tools to help build it. "
-- Laura L, 44, Queens, NY


"I had just been dumped by a boyfriend of three years
and I was going through a very difficult and painful time.
Adrienne helped put things in perspective and made me realize
that he actually did me a favor by ending a relationship I should have ended
myself years before. Although I am not currently seriously involved, I feel
I now know what I am looking for in a man and have not fallen for anymore
'wrong' men. Finding a good relationship may be more difficult, but I know when
I finally do find one, it will be exactly what I'm looking for."
--Susan S., 38, New York, NY