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There are hundreds of opportunities to meet new people,
but what does it matter how many dates you have
or how many names in your little black book
if you don't have the skills to turn a casual meeting
into a healthy, romantic relationship?

Advice 1: Good Judgment; Use It or Lose It

Advice 2: You'd Better Believe It!

Advice 3: Sick of Losers

Advice 4: So What DO Women Want?

Advice 5: The Tangle Web of Unwanted Commitment

Advice 6: In Love With His Best Friend

Advice 7: Debt Before Dishonor

Advice 8: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Advice 9: Job, as in "Career" or "Snow?"

Advice 10: Women as Fungible Goods

Advice 11: Women as Fungible Goods, Revisted

Advice 12: Sex, Lies and Personal Ads

Advice 13: It's a Fine E-Romance

Advice 14: Who Asks, Who Pays?

Advice 15: Phone Sex Fantasy

Advice 16: What You Do Is Who You Are

Advice 17: Too Available?

Advice 18: Busted Budget

Advice 19: Birthday Gift Dilemma


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