Adrienne E. Gusoff is a former New York City girl, recently transplanted to the beautiful Hudson Valley (Woodstock area.) She is a freelance writer, lecturer,
humorist, motivational speaker, certified hypnotist, NLP and EFT practitioner. She is the author of "Lucky in Love" and "The Lives of the Dead" (among others) and has written advice columns for several international magazines and various websites. She was the "Relationship Expert" for Klugertown, a talk radio show based in Phoenix, AZ.

She speaks to groups large and small, and counsels/coaches private clients in various aspects of personal relationships and the issues which stand in the way of their happiness.

She has always been interested in the deep, inner emotional lives of people and takes genuine joy in helping others find more resourceful ways to solve their problems and resolve their issues.

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"Adrienne has the sharpest and tenderest mind I've ever encountered. She sees both the craziness and irrationality of love, while understanding the rationality and science of the feelings. She is able to combine love and intelligence, which is hard to find." --Lino A.


"Adrienne and I met on the phone as business associates. After several business chats, we developed a closeness and comfort level at which I would not normally express myself to a business associate. She always was there to listen and give me her full focus, while running a full time business. She advised without judgment or ridicule. The best part was, her advice was always so sound, so 'on the money', based on her vast knowledge of the world and of people. Surprisingly, she was always right. Thank you, Adrienne! -- Holly F.


"Adrienne has an uncanny ability to see past all the B.S. and hone in on the core of the problem. She has helped me countless times to resolve issues that I could not find solutions to, myself. " -- Sasha J.


"I feel Adrienne really understands me at the deepest level, so when she offers insight, it's information I can really use." -- John L.


"Talking to Adrienne is like talking to a wise and caring friend, someone who places real value on your personal growth and happiness." -- Pat R.


"When I have a problem, Adrienne is like a dog with a bone! She will not let go until she helps me see things in a new way, a way that lets me figure out a working solution."
-- Gretchen P.


"I've never met anyone else who sees people so clearly. She sees everyone exactly as they are. She is never fooled by facades or bravado; not even by the things people say and do to fool themselves.." -- Kevin G.


"Adrienne has the gift of perspective. I never realized that the difference between despair and happiness was simply the way I saw the world. Through the eyes of Adrienne, I came to see life in a whole new light and myself in ways I never imagined." -- David W.


"Before I came to Adrienne, I never once had known a successful relationship.   I was ready for a change.  Adrienne showed me that I had powers I never dreamed; powers to want others the way they are, powers to change how the world responded to me by changing how I saw the world, powers to love and be loved." -- Will D.


"Adrienne put me through such changes (in a good way!), I barely even remember the unhappy person I used to be!"-- Bekka J


"It's amazing how quickly Adrienne gets to the heart of the issue."-- Lisa P.


"Adrienne showed me strengths in myself I never knew I had." - Cory D.


"As comfortable as sharing a cup of tea with a dear friend, while getting sage advice."
- Jane F.


"Adrienne couples an innate sense of empathy with intelligent insight."
    -- Judith W.


"I met Adrienne in a formal business context, having nothing to do with her counseling. And yet, by the end of our meeting, because of her openness and ability to listen, I found myself telling her the intimate details of my difficult marriage. She immediately put her finger on the crux of the issue, clarifying things that had been troubling me for over a year. It was like six months of therapy in half an hour!" - Ilsa B.


"Adrienne is my 'go-to' girl when I am stuck with a problem. She can always
help me find me a new way of seeing things." --Dana L.


"Adrienne put me at ease almost immediately. I was a little nervous at the beginning of my actual hypnosis session but she made me feel comfortable and relaxed right away. She guided me through the session, which revealed some things that I sort of knew but wasn't able to 'connect.' Adrienne inspires and encourages you to see what's really inside you without going over the top. She's in a great groove of her own! Her insight and advice are very sound and simple. She has a wonderful and supportive intuition. I wish I would have known her the past 10 years. I know my life would have been much less stressful. I feel I'm finding myself again because of my hypnosis session. I can't thank Adrienne enough!"
- Laura K


"Adrienne is the first person I turn to whenever I am having a moral or emotional dilemma. I trust her judgment to always be sound. She has an amazing ability to cut away the BS and navigate around my emotional hot buttons. She has saved me more than once from making an ill-advised move under the influence of strong emotion."
-- John P.













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