"Problems will always be with us. The problem is not the problem; the problem is the way people cope. This is what destroys people, not the problem. When we learn to cope differently, we deal with the problems differently, and they become different."
-- Virginia Satir

At the core, we all basically want the same thing -- to be happy, to feel loved, to feel competent in the world. We each go about achieving (or trying to achieve) these things in varying ways. Some are very successful in some areas but not in others (i.e. great in business, not so lucky in love.) Some almost have it figured out but are missing those last few pieces - the puzzle parts that when snapped into place make everything else clear. And some are their own worst enemies, unable to understand why life keeps biting them on the tush.

Regardless of how successful we are in various aspects of our lives, most of us can greatly benefit from a wise, honest, unbiased and well-trained observer to help us see things in a new and different way. It's all about finding new resources within ourselves to accomplish our goals.

I do not give pep talks or tell you how to do things differently. Rather, I take the time to understand your true issues on the deepest level, seeing things you are too close to see. My goal (and I have a very high success rate!) is to help you literally change your thinking and feelings about the issues that trouble you, whether they are personal, professional or romantic. I will give you the tools to help you navigate successfully though all your personal and professional relationships.

Most people stand at the edge of the cliff, the possibilities spread out before them, afraid to take the leap, not even aware they are wearing wings.
-- Adrienne Gusoff

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    Love is a beautiful thing but when it ends, the pain can be devastating. If it’s been a while since the breakup and you’re still:

    ~Finding it difficult to focus on work, school, etc.
    ~ Having problems functioning or enjoying life
    ~Unable to shake the sadness; can’t stop crying
    ~Having a hard time sleeping or sleeping too much
    ~Filled with hurt and anger which you just can’t seem to resolve
    ~Finding yourself obsessing/playing the same scenes over and over
    ~Avoiding things and places you used to enjoy because they
    remind you of him/her

    I can help you resolve these painful issues quickly and easily.
    Call today so you can feel better tomorrow.



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