Lucky in Love:
Secrets to Being Irresistible

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Wisdom distilled from many years of loving, dating, failing, picking myself up again, dusting myself off, and getting back into the fray. If you follow even 10% of the advice in this book, your love life will improve 1000%. I promise.


"I think Lucky in Love is one of the best books on the subject of love and relationships I've ever read. I run the matchmaking program at a large singles organization and immediately ordered copies for every member of my program."

--Lisa M, W. Orange, NJ


"Lucky in Love is insightful, funny and full of great advice. I've reread it dozens of times already, and every time I do, I understand Adrienne's philosophy a little more. It's especially helpful when I'm in the midst of relationship problems. This really helps me put things in perspective."

--Diane G., Stamford, CT


"From the first page, Lucky in Love had my attention. It explores all those things you already know, intellectually, about love and explains them in a way your emotions can understand."

--Brian B., New York, NY


"I've been carrying around Lucky in Love in my handbag since I got it three weeks ago. I reread it every day, and every time I do, I absorb a little more of Adrienne's very wise philosophy."

--Sandra L, Brooklyn, NY

"This book makes so much sense. It should be required reading! "

--Kelly J, Astoria, NY

"Adrienne's lectures are so inspiring, and this book is a continuation of her positive and amazingly useful philosophy. Often her suggestions require a serious change of attitude on my part, but every time I follow her advice and make that effort, I see the benefit in all my relationships."

--Rachel S, Great Neck, NY


Wisdom, lessons, poignant stories from the Other Side
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"When someone knocks at the door of one's brain and demands to be let in, how can one refuse? This is a set of extraordinary vignettes into the lives of people who have passed... but who still had something worthy to impart. The author, Adrienne Gusoff, has been listening to the dead and taking dictation from them for a long time. It is clear that these are not her own creations; they come to her "as is" from people who recognize her gift and approach her directly to share their lives with her. In some stories, you go down the rabbit hole of a person's life chronology; in other stories, they are rich sources of philosophical musings from people whose lives were worth examining. Some of the people that Gusoff transcribes from simply want to set out their side of the story. They explain the background of their motivation and their actions, and they lead to a logical conclusion. Others show direct cause and effect: This happened to me, and then I reacted. Yet in each case, you want to know more. By exploring this work I now have a much deeper sense of the contexts of historical accounts. Historical fiction has nothing on these stories! I strongly recommend this book." - Dr. Sean Williams, author, professor


"The stories from the other side give us hope that each life is just a learning experience. When we truly love one another and seek the best for each other, our lives can be blissful. For those who don't begin to understand this theory - you can read about that outcomes of those lives in this fascinating book and the suffering we cause ourselves when we neither love others or ourselves. Great for a book club and a wonderful self-help book. -- Dr. Jerry Pipes





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June 28, 2019