For those of you who live in NY and can physically help in some way, please do! For those of you who live far away, monetary donations are still needed desperately.

As you see in the video, there are elderly and infirm people (and small children) living on high floors in buildings with no power, no heat, no water (no toilets!), no elevators, no food…nothing! They are scared, hungry, and cold to the bone. (We had a snowstorm last night and temps were down into the teens!) LIPA (electric co) is estimating a minimum of 3 weeks before power is restored. Many, however, won't even get power back when the grid is functioning again because the electrical systems, hot water heaters, etc in their homes or buildings, were corroded by sea water and no longer function.

Rockaway is a long, narrow island, about 6 miles long, along the southern coast of Queens . Whatever “official” help is there (Red Cross, Nat Guard, cops) are stationed at one end
of the island. Now, imagine you are in a wheelchair or 80 years old or a mother with small children… how are you going to get to the distribution point, 6 miles away, to get a food and water, in the freezing cold? And then, walk back those 6 miles, and back up 18 floors to your apartment? Imagine you or a loved one is sick and needs dialysis or chemo or any kind of medical attention. What if you're pregnant and ready to deliver?

Gasoline is still nearly impossible to get. The lines are 3 hrs long! There are people with red jerry cans standing outside, 50 deep, in freezing temps, waiting to get a couple of gallons for their generators…IF they are lucky enough to have one.

This is TRULY a dire, dire situation! It is a war zone out there, and that's no exaggeration.

If help and power are not forthcoming quickly, there will be many more deaths: It is only a matter of time before pneumonia, starvation and diseases brought on by unsanitary conditions set in. (Remember, there is no way to dispose of garbage or human waste!) The fighting and violence over very limited resources are beginning.

These people are all colors, all ages, and from all socio-economic backgrounds. There is public housing in Rockaway and there are multi-million dollar homes. They are ALL suffering.

Please help as much and in any way you can!



If you're looking for a place to donate or volunteer

, one of the best on-the-ground grass roots groups, (non profit, very well organized, and takes NO admin fees. Goes to Rockaway daily with supplies and volunteers.)


Nov 11, 2012:

K-mart online is offering a sale on folding shopping carts that could be a real help to folks picking up supplies from the help centers we are provisioning through the Niederhoffer Foundation/MJE Sandy Relief . It's a long 15-20 minute walk for many people to bring back to their families a day or two of water, food, batteries, coats and other supplies. If you buy two carts @$30 the shipping is free. Please send to: C/o Rev. Dr. Les Mullings, Rockaway Community Development Center, 1414 Central Ave, Far Rockaway, NY 11691. Deliveries are coming through, although the traffic and transp situation there is still deplorable - making the need for these carts all the more urgent. Thank you Friends.




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