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Are you ready to find your soul mate?
Isn't time you took control of your romantic life?

Don't you deserve more love in your life?


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OK, so maybe you're not the type for self-help or follow-the-guru mumbo jumbo but maybe you're also tired of having a less than stellar love life. In one night, dating coach and motivational speaker Adrienne Gusoff promises to teach you not only some useful philosophy to help you keep your sanity and self-esteem while dating, but also practical techniques to help boost your success rate with the opposite sex. Can you say "love magnet?"


Wouldn't it be great to be the kind of person that others can't resist?  Imagine learning just a few basic theories and techniques that will make all your relationships more lasting, more loving and more fulfilling!  Think about how many more options you would have if you were easily able to attract others to you!

With some simple philosophy and a different perspective, you can become more attractive to others, both in the short and long term! What would you give to learn the secrets to finding and maintaining deep and meaningful love in your life?

Isn't it worth one evening of your time to improve your love life?

You will find this course invaluable if:
  • You want to up your Charisma Quotient
  • You want to become the kind of person to whom others are drawn
  • You want to improve the quality of ALL your relationships
  • You don't understand why your current relationship isn't making you as happy as you think it should be
  • Your friends are all finding love while you're still alone
  • Your relationships begin with a jumble of uncertainty, flowing into doubt and insecurity, eventually segueing into disappointing ends?
  • You can't seem to meet that special someone
  • It's difficult for you make connections/get dates
  • You're always attracted to the "wrong" person
  • You get dates, but the relationships never go anywhere or relationships sputter and fizzle out before they even get started
  • All your love affairs seem to have the same expiration date
    (i.e. a few months, a year or two.)
  • Each relationship feels like a repeat of the last


Isn't it time you had deep and meaningful love in your life?
Take control of your romantic success!

Learn the secrets of those who are "lucky in love" and start
on the path to finding true romantic happiness!

During this three-hour course, you will learn both guiding principles to bring more love into your life, as well as specific techniques to make you more attractive to others, plus ways to increase your dating success rate.

Here's what attendees have said
about Adrienne's previous workshops:

"Adrienne's unique perspective on love and relationships makes a lot of sense. Many things she said made me realize the mistakes I've been making again and again. Very helpful. I recommend this workshop highly to anyone who is having problems making their relationships work."
-- Sandy J, Teaneck , NJ

"Very entertaining and informative. Clearly, Adrienne is a caring person who genuinely wants people to find love and happiness, and experience fulfilling relationships."
- -Gail T., NYC

"I thought I was going to get easy tips on improving my love life, but Adrienne made me realize that the most important thing is to change myself, my attitudes and behavior. Once I do the work, love will come. It's not what I was expecting to hear when I signed up for the workshop, but I recognize that she's absolutely right."
-- Josh L, NYC

"Adrienne is very real and open. Extremely insightful. I felt very hopeful and motivated after the workshop. "
-- Aisha M, L.I., NY

"Adrienne has a unique philosophy which makes total sense. She completely changed the way I thought about dating and the way I looked at potential partners. I know I will be thinking about this seminar and her ideas for a long time. Can't wait for more!"
-- Pat G, Queens , NY

"If you came to this class thinking you were going to get quick solutions, well, she certainly gave us a bunch of those. I'm sure they will be very useful. But in my opinion, the real value of this class was Adrienne's very practical theories about love and relationships. She obviously thinks about these things a lot, and she certainly gave me plenty to think about."

--Dave W, NYC

"Adrienne talked about some very serious stuff, but somehow presented it in a funny, easy-to-understand way. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and will definitely take others with her in the future."
--Morgan P, Queens , NY

"She has a lot to teach people. I hope she continues to give these classes because this is a message that needs to be told!"
--Gary Z, Phila, PA




Adrienne Gusoff is a dating coach, author, advice columnist,
university teacher, certified hypnotist, NLP and EFT practitioner
who specializes in Love and Relationships.



When: Thursday, November 1, 2012
Time: 6 pm-9pm
Where: International Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis
545 Eighth Avenue (37/38th), Suite 930
New York, NY



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