Save the Last Trance for Me

For the sake of this essay, let me define "trance" as a state in which we block out all the sensory input/ information that is not relevant to the task at hand, while at the same time accessing information/lessons which have been processed (or are being processed) by the unconscious. If we accept this definition, it means human beings are almost always in some state of trance. When you are driving, working, playing a sport, playing with yourself -- you are focusing on what you are doing. You become mostly oblivious to other input.

Some people call it "in the zone" which is really just another name for a trance state. When something or somebody interrupts this state and you go out of trance, it's harder to focus on the thing you were doing. If you're playing golf and a naked person runs across the golf course, it's more likely you will miss your shot. If you are in a deep trance, however, you will not even NOTICE the person.

People who are really good at things, especially professional athletes and performers, can put themselves into an almost unbreakable trance.

Trance states are a good way to allow the conscious and unconscious minds to communicate; it lets them teach each other the lessons they each need to know. Therefore,  it can be very useful to be able to put yourself in the trance YOU WANT to be in. This way, you can access all the understanding, the feelings, all the skills and  knowledge you want to learn, in a safe and productive way.

When someone sits on the couch and watches TV for hours, eating junk food or drinking -- they are in a trance state. Playing video games for hours can also put you in a trance. Somebody who takes a gun and shoots up a bunch of people with a single-minded focus, yes, they're in a trance as well.

Thinking about how awful your life is, that's a trance state. When your fear puts you into an unpleasant state of panic, that is a trance. When your guilt eats you up and you feel worthless, that is a trance. When you worry about things over which you have no control, that is a trance state.

But here's the wonderful thing: you can substitute an unproductive trance state for an PRODUCTIVE one. In this way, change can be easily accomplished. You don't have to move mountains; you only have to change the direction of your mind.

Sometimes, you need a little help with that, and that's where I can help. The change you want will come easily and naturally, once you are able to change your trance state at will.




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August 2, 2012

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